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CyberRisk Summit
Israel | Tel Aviv
July 27, 2022

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Because of its extensive background in the realm of cybersecurity, Israel is often regarded as a world leader in Information Security.

Israeli enterprises are some of the world’s leading providers of cybersecurity solutions, and the Israeli government and military have been at the forefront of creating new technology to fight against cyberattacks for quite some time. Israel is now a target for cybercriminals as a result of this, and the country is subjected to a greater number of cyberattacks than any other nation in the world proportionate to the size of its people. Despite this, Israel’s robust defenses have successfully prevented any damage to the country’s vital infrastructure.

CyberRisk Summit 2022

The CyberRisk Summit is a gathering of the most brilliant minds, most successful techniques, and most cutting-edge technology in the field of cyber risk management. Come with us to learn about the risks that are borne by innovators across all cyber surfaces. It is really live and there is no charge!

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