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Virus Bulletin Events in 2022 - 2023

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Virus Bulletin (VB) 2022
Czechia | Prague
September 28, 2022

Virus Bulletin (VB) 2023
United Kingdom | London
October 4, 2023

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Virus Bulletin is an online security information portal and certification body that provides users with independent intelligence on the latest developments in the global threat landscape, as well as conducting bimonthly anti-malware and anti-spam product certifications and hosting an annual international IT security conference. An Advisory Board of some of the world’s finest anti-malware and anti-spam professionals back Virus Bulletin.

Virus Bulletin (VB) Conferences

The Virus Bulletin Conference is the primary event at which threat researchers from all over the world congregate in order to discuss the most recent threats and the tools that can be used to combat them, as well as to build connections that are necessary for the current environment of the security industry.

The Virus Bulletin International Conference, which is currently in its 32nd year, is one of the security conferences that has been operating the longest and has developed into the most important threat intelligence gathering throughout the course of its history.

After running the event online for the past two years, and with the health and travel situations around the world now improving, we are looking forward to welcoming delegates and speakers back in person in 2022, to a carefully planned and streamlined event that will balance high-quality content with optimal opportunities for networking.

At VB, the primary event, threat researchers from all over the world convene to talk about the most recent security threats and the technologies that can be used to combat them, as well as to create connections with one another, which are vital in the modern-day security scene. The conference covers a wide range of topics, but its primary emphasis is on the investigation and prevention of assaults in the real world. Topics include everything from malware investigations to APT campaign investigations, as well as investigations into novel detection methods, research tools, attacks against BIOS, and research into global infection rates.

Attendees include security specialists from government and military organizations, legal, financial, and educational institutions, as well as significant enterprises from throughout the world. Vendor-based threat researchers also make up a portion of the attendees.

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