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Technology First Events in 2022 - 2023

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Ohio Information Security Conference 2022
United States | Ohio, Dayton
March 9, 2022

Technology First: CIO Council Topic – Identifying & Attacking SMB IT Challenges
United States | Ohio, Cincinnati
March 24, 2022

Technology First: Infrastructure/Cloud Special Interest Group
United States | Ohio, Dayton
April 15, 2022

Technology First: Women 4 Technology (Dayton)
United States | Ohio, Dayton
June 7, 2022

Women 4 Technology (Cincinnati)
United States | Ohio, Cincinnati
May 11, 2022

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Technology First is the best-connected IT community in the region, providing opportunity for professionals to acquire new skills, share information, seek new opportunities, expand their businesses, and explore the future. Technology First, as the region’s foremost IT trade association, keeps IT buyers and suppliers up to date on the latest industry trends, quickly evolving technology, and accessible resource networks.

Technology First is a trade group that is led by and for the industry. As new technologies reach the market, it becomes more important to draw on the expertise of peers and the knowledge of suppliers to make better, quicker judgments.

Technology First: CIO Council Topic – Identifying & Attacking SMB IT Challenges

Jeff founded Lighthouse Technologies in 2000 with the goal of delivering software systems on time, on budget, and on quality while cultivating an intentional culture of caring, growing, and improving – a “Culture of We” – after nearly 20 years developing and managing complex software/hardware systems for both commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) applications.

Jeff and his co-author, Mark Adams, just authored The Coach and the Geek, Building a Kick-Butt Culture, and their new software platform is helping collegiate and high school sports teams throughout the country measure Hustle to develop a culture of responsibility.

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