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Technology First Events in 2022 - 2023

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Technology First: IT Leaders: The Next Assembly Line 2023
United States | Florida, Dayton
February 9, 2023

Technology First: Women 4 Technology (Virtual) 2023
United States | Florida, Dayton
February 8, 2023

Technology First: Digital Mixer 2023
United States | Florida, Dayton
February 15, 2023

Technology First: Infrastructure/Cloud - SASE & Network Segmentation 2023
United States | Florida, Dayton
February 21, 2023

Technology First: Ohio Information Security Conference 2023
United States | Florida, Dayton
March 1, 2023

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Organizations face many difficult decisions as they consider the challenges of managing the tradeoffs of quality, cost, schedule, and capability for software development.

The Next Assembly Line examines the state of the possible as software development shifts to digital-first initiatives. This presentation discusses how organizations can implement digital transformation initiatives within their software development processes and legacy-to-modern software integration methodologies to increase throughput and quality while decreasing maintenance costs.

Technology First: Digital Mixer 2023

The Digital Mixer is an annual event that links hundreds of students and IT professionals with regional employers with the purpose of networking and building connections. Join them for informal yet significant chats that could help you find the talent or career that you’ve been searching for!

Students will bring their resumes and are eager to learn more about the opportunities for internships and careers in the local area.

Employers will discuss internships, part-time jobs, and full-time positions that are currently open at their companies.

The appropriate attire for this event is business casual.

Technology First: Infrastructure/Cloud – SASE & Network Segmentation 2023

Are you still using the same connection from 2010 and the same firewall? If not, have you moved to new firewalls, upgraded your firewall strategy, or changed your wide area network strategy? If so, come share what’s on your road map, what you have completed, and those that have completed SASE solutions with them.

Discussion Led by the Infrastructure/Cloud Planning Committee:

  • Bill Magnuson The Magnuson Group
  • Jeff Reed, Hobart Service
  • Nick Timmerman, Midmark, and special guest Cameron Laughlin, Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

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