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ZapCon 2022
United States | Colorado, Denver
March 8, 2022

More Information On Their Events

Whilst we generally only list Cybersecurity Conferences, we do from time-to-time list out events that are related to various aspects of technology and that includes API-access. API access is vitally important when it comes to security and privacy, since it is through API that data leakage can occur.

The theme of this year’s ZAPCon is ‘Leveling Up.’ But what exactly does that imply?

It’s all about doing more with ZAP as you’re leveling up.

ZAPCon will help you do more, whether you’re just starting started or have a decade of expertise with the tool. We’ll go through subjects like as automation, API security testing, and executing ZAP at scale so that users may feel more secure in their skills.

But there’s a lot more to Leveling Up than that. The basis for a stronger community, a more robust tool, and a more active user base will be laid at this year’s ZAPCon.

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