SSTIC (Information and Communications Technology Security Symposium)

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SSTIC (Information and Communications Technology Security Symposium) Events in 2022 - 2023

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SSTIC 2022
France | Rennes
June 1, 2022

Information and Communications Technology Security Symposium (SSTIC) 2023
France | Rennes
June 7, 2023

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The SSTIC (Société française pour la sécurité des technologies de l’information et de la communication) is a non-profit organization based in France that focuses on information security. It was established in 1999 and is run entirely by volunteers who are enthusiastic about information security. The organization’s mission is to promote research, share knowledge, and improve public and professional awareness of information security challenges. Their activities include organizing an annual conference, publishing technical papers, and offering information security training courses.

These are specific cybersecurity conferences taking place in France relating to communications.

The Symposium on Information and Communications Technology Security, or SSTIC, is an annual French-language conference on the topic of information security.

Every year, it brings together around 800 people from different backgrounds: universities, industry, and governmental organizations. The objective of the SSTIC is to provoke meetings and discussions between these very varied audiences, around presentations on the current state of computer security in France and around the world.

Organized in 2003 in Rennes, the SSTIC is a French-speaking conference dealing with information security, whether it concerns information vectors (such as computer systems or networks) or the information itself (cryptography or information warfare).

This conference brings together people interested in the technical and scientific aspects of information security. The subjects are treated in depth, didactic and prospective, under different aspects: technical, scientific, strategic, organizational, and legal.

The conference takes place on the Beaulieu campus until 2016 inclusive, at the Rennes law faculty in 2017, then at the Couvent des Jacobins since 2018.

Information and Communications Technology Security Symposium (SSTIC) 2023

The SSTIC addresses every aspect of information system security. Technical and/or scientific contributions are preferred, but those dealing to legal, regulatory, or organizational issues may also be welcomed.

The following are the recommended technical subjects, without limitation:

  • Material security (architectures and components, electronics, embedded systems, etc.);
  • System security (operating systems, low-level software, etc.);
  • Software security (languages, static analysis, obfuscation, etc.);
  • Network security (protocols, telecoms, etc.);
  • Reverse engineering techniques;
  • Analysis of offensive means (exploitation and post-exploitation techniques, intrusion test, malware analysis, etc.);
  • Defensive tools for security;
  • Applied cryptography

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