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Skytalks Events in 2022 - 2023

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Skytalks @ DEF CON 30
United States | Nevada, Las Vegas
August 11, 2022

Skytalks @ DEF CON 31
United States | Nevada, Las Vegas
August 10, 2023

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Do you remember the days when attending a security conference meant sitting in a big room with 30 or so other people while talks on topics containing extremely sensitive information were being given? These presentations were typically accompanied by some sort of legal disclosure. Yes, we understand that some of you weren’t even around and can’t recall a DEF CON without a LINE CON, but we assure you that it DID exist! Since DEF CON 16, Skytalks has been providing you with Old School DEF CON content, including technical deep dives, off-the-beaten-path debates, early-access lectures, amazing technologies, and lots of antics. We take pleasure in our straightforward creed: “No recording. No pictures. No nonsense

At DEF CON, the Skytalks track is entirely off-the-record; we do not permit cameras or filming. This is done for the speakers’ protection, as some of them have good cause to talk “off the record.” Additionally, we believe that this fosters a friendlier and more collaborative environment. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, engage in conversation, and use originality in their presentations. Something must have gone wrong if you didn’t leave asking, “What just happened here?”

Skytalks is not sponsored by any one business or organization; it is hosted and created by the hacking group known only as “303.” The organisers support material created by and for the community. Donations are welcome to cover expenses associated with the creation of the speaking track as well as our events.

Proud to recommend one of our partners: The Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne!

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