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SINET (Security Innovation Network) Events in 2022 - 2023

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SINET Silicon Valley (15th Annual Forum)
United States | California, Mountain View
March 24, 2022

De-Risking, Scaling & Mobilizing Your Enterprise & Customers - Safely
United States | Florida, Jackson
March 15, 2022

Symbiosis Between Venture Capital Firms, CISOs & CxOs
United States | Florida, Jackson
April 5, 2022

Models, Processes, and Approaches to Better Secure and Simplify Your Cloud Journey
United States | Wyoming, Jackson
April 26, 2022

SINET New York
United States | New York, New York
September 29, 2022

SINETSilicon Valley 2023
United States | California, Mountain View
March 16, 2023

SINETNew York 2023
United States | New York, New York City
October 6, 2023

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Effective cybersecurity, we think, is necessary to support economic development, defend key infrastructure, and ensure political stability.

SINET is committed to creating a coherent, global Cybersecurity community with the purpose of speeding innovation via cooperation in order to achieve this goal. SINET serves as a bridge between top private and government security experts and solution suppliers, purchasers, researchers, and investors. SINET hosts highly engaging networking sessions with the following goals:

  • Introduce the industry’s key pioneers in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Break down communication obstacles to encourage collaboration.
  • Facilitate high-level sharing of ideas and best practices, which is critical for strengthening and speeding up Cybersecurity innovation.

Why should you join SINET?

Industry and government must maintain constant and deep engagement with pioneering solution providers, researchers, and investors focused on enhancing global security solutions in order to keep up with cybersecurity innovation and development. SINET is largely regarded as the most effective vehicle for fostering a worldwide community of interest and trust in the security sector. By encouraging innovative innovation models, executive-level engagement, and energizing public-private collaborations.

SINET Silicon Valley is an open, collaborative environment where entrepreneurs may meet and communicate directly with leaders from government, business, and the investment community to discover answers to Cybersecurity concerns.

SINET Silicon Valley (15th Annual Forum)

A Keynote Address will be given by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

De-Risking, Scaling & Mobilizing Your Enterprise & Customers – Safely

Mobile applications (apps) are used by the world’s fastest-growing organizations to boost revenue, improve consumer engagement, and boost staff efficiency. How much of your company is conducted through mobile apps? How confident are security teams that they are being protected with over 70% of digital time spent in mobile apps? Industry leaders will discuss their thoughts and experiences learned on the following topics during this session:

  • How security teams should be regarded as facilitators of business goals rather than the typical obstacle to mobile innovation that stifles organizational productivity.
  • Visible models aid in risk mitigation when developers rush to create insecure mobile apps that have the potential to cause reputational and financial harm to the corporate brand.
  • Assisting risk executives in better understanding their mobile risk profile and developing cooperation models that strengthen collaborations with business lines in order to successfully mobilize their company and consumer base.
  • Best practices on how risk leaders may collaborate with their business innovators to integrate security into mobile operations at the pace and scale that the business lines need.

The Symbiosis Between Venture Capital Firms, CISOs & CxOs: What Are The Opportunities Moving Forward?

There are just a few techniques to see what future technologies and threats will look like: Work for an Advanced Persistent Threat (which is often 2-10 years ahead of defenses) or a Venture Capital firm (who are investing in the companies that will produce the defensive solutions for that timeframe). There’s a legitimate rationale for both because senior executives and CISOs don’t often have those backgrounds or clearances: 1) Keep an eye out for signals from the US or ally national security establishment, and 2) talk to venture capital firms to get a sense of what’s coming up (and in some cases, help shape the pipeline).

Models, Processes, and Approaches to Better Secure and Simplify Your Cloud Journey

During this workshop, participants will learn about recommended practices for better securing and simplifying complicated cloud infrastructures. The implementation of agentless solutions, as well as the consolidation of different siloed technologies in order to decrease complexity and significant administrative load, are examples of several methods.

Learn how to encourage increased workload visibility into cloud assets while retaining innovation and speed, as well as how to translate this data into effective security measures. Senior Risk Executives will discuss how they are implementing new models to boost visibility and automate the process of identifying security threats at every tier of the cloud estate for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, among others.

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