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SecTor Events in 2022 - 2023

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SecTor - Security Education Conference in Toronto
Canada | Toronto
October 15, 2022

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SecTor conferences will feature Keynotes from the IT industry’s most known and trusted experts, as well as Speakers who are actual security professionals with in-depth knowledge of relevant issues. SecTor is an event that every IT professional should attend.

Professionals in the fields of technology and security:

There is a lot of information and learning opportunities for the technically knowledgeable participant. Content is chosen based on its usefulness, relevancy, and timeliness. It is assured that the information is both current and relevant.

  • Latest technical research. New attacks. New defenses
  • Tools Track offers a ‘no budget needed’ security option
  • Opportunities for Networking during the event
  • Purist approach – no amount of money can buy a speaking slot in our technical track
  • Experts from around the world

SecTor was created on a love of security, and it doesn’t take long to discover that security is much more than just bits and bytes. The organizer’s commitment is to give high-quality material – up-to-date information that you won’t find anyplace else. Our consultants use the same rigor and devotion to selecting the management track session as they do to selecting the technical material. Marketing nonsense is not permitted or tolerated. Your time is precious to us, and we pledge to give you with the information you require.

What can you expect from SecTor events?

  • Latest research, trends, and approaches
  • Privacy, Policy, Compliance
  • Opportunities for Networking during the event
  • Purist approach – no amount of money can buy a speaking slot in our management track
  • Experts from around the world

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