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SAMA PARTNERS Events in 2022 - 2023

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SAMA PARTNERS Cybersecurity Conference 2022
Germany | Mannheim
October 20, 2022

SAMA PARTNERS Cybersecurity Conference 2023
Germany | Mannheim
October 19, 2023

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SAMA PARTNERS Cybersecurity Conferences

The Cybersecurity Conference, organized by SAMA PARTNERS, will celebrate its seventh year in 2022. Meanwhile, the information security event is well-known well beyond the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region’s borders and has established itself as a “PLACE TO BE” event on the IT and cybersecurity industry’s appointment calendar.

The Cybersecurity Conference provides the ideal setting for learning about current cybersecurity threats and their threat potential, as well as identifying risk and protective elements that may be used to defend businesses and society in the future.

SAMA PARTNERS, the event’s founder, and organizer have put up an engaging and enticing program for both days of the event, comprising top-notch specialists from diverse sectors.

The first day’s conference themes will face contemporary cybersecurity problems and provide insight into the development and conceptualization of security solutions.

Day 1 provides enough opportunities for executives, IT management officers, IT experts, and other cybersecurity stakeholders to share information and network with security stakeholders from various businesses, authorities, and agencies.

Visitors will learn about contemporary cyber risks to society on the second day and how to defend themselves against them. The public day’s diverse presentations will give complete information on issues such as cybersecurity strategies and best practices.

Day 2 is for everyone who is interested in cybersecurity, from students to employees to executives.

This event will be hosted in Germany.

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