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Cyber Threats to Health and Patient Safety
United Kingdom | London
May 9, 2022

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The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) is a significant source of continuing medical education in the United Kingdom, with more than 60,000 members.

The organization’s mission is to provide “better healthcare for better lives.”

It seeks to accomplish this through disseminating knowledge and encouraging innovation in the fields of medicine’s science, practise, and organisation.

Cyber Threats to Health and Patient Safety

This conference will examine the current cybersecurity threats facing health and care organisations through multidisciplinary lectures from expert speakers and lively panel discussions. It will also examine the progress made by healthcare institutions since 2017 in rising to the challenge of cybersecurity. We will discuss the difficulties that the NHS is now dealing with, as well as the efforts that NHS organisations should take to safeguard themselves. Learn how cybercriminals and hostile nation-states are posing a threat to patient safety and trust in this informative session.

Delegates will hear from representatives from NHSX, NHS Digital, and other major organisations that deal with cyber risks on a regular basis. They will also hear directly from professionals in the industry about the efforts they are doing to assist healthcare organisations in addressing the difficulties and concerns that they have raised with the organisation.

The threat of cyberattacks on our institutions and infrastructure is escalating, with an increasing number of assaults being launched throughout the world. A wake-up call for many organisations was delivered in 2017 when ransomware invaded insecure NHS systems throughout the UK, resulting in a direct impact on patient care. This was a wake-up call for many organisations. A rise in attacks was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also served as a catalyst for the migration of IT systems to the cloud and the greater usage of digital processes across the system.

Because of its fragmentation, the rising complexity of healthcare, and the increasing reliance of medicine on digital technology, the National Health Service (NHS) is particularly susceptible. The security of administrative systems, research databases, medical gadgets and their supporting infrastructures such as electrical power, lighting systems and their complete supply chain are all important considerations for NHS organisations these days.

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