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Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP) 2023
Australia | Brisbane
July 5, 2023

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The Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, or ACISP for short, is a gathering that takes place once a year with the purpose of discussing new discoveries and developments in the fields of information security and privacy. Researchers, practitioners, and industry experts from all over the world, including those from Australasia, will gather at this conference to present their most recent research findings, debate a variety of topics related to information security and privacy, and exchange ideas with one another.

The ACISP hosts a variety of events, including technical paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials, as well as keynote talks given by well-known authorities in the field. It provides an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to network with one another, collaborate with one another, and share their knowledge. The proceedings of the conferences are often published in highly regarded academic journals or book series.

In general, the purpose of the Australasian Computer and Information Security Professionals (ACISP) is to provide a forum for the promotion of research and innovation in the fields of information security and privacy, the resolving of new concerns, and the promotion of the interchange of ideas and skills within the Australasian region and beyond.

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