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6th Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference
United States | Illinois, Chicago
April 11, 2022

The State of Medical Device Cybersecurity in 2022
United States | Michigan, Chicago
June 1, 2022

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The objective at Q1 Productions is to (in their own words) advance highly regulated sectors by providing a platform of curated executive education that is driven by research, based on collaborative knowledge sharing, and focused on quality.

6th Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference

The 6th Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Conference will bring together cybersecurity professionals from medical device makers and health-care providers to exchange best practices for protecting patient safety. This premium virtual event has content that addresses challenges of shared accountability, best practices for safeguarding devices and data, and delves into the complexities of field product maintenance while assuring compliance with new instructions.

Featured topics:

  • Shifting dynamics in the cybersecurity industry
  • Legal forecasts for FDA guidance and cybersecurity
  • Implementation of thorough vulnerability scoring operations
  • Employing threat modeling to proactively identify vulnerabilities
  • Impact of remote & implanted devices on security protocols
  • Development and execution of software bill of materials
  • Communication processes to inform HDOs of cyber threats
  • Patient and consumer-based cybersecurity education
  • Considerations for open-source software & hardware
  • Impact of EU guidance on cybersecurity initiatives
  • Ensuring compliance with US Cybersecurity Executive Order
  • Cloud and device connectivity security of data

The State of Medical Device Cybersecurity in 2022

Join the team for a fascinating and informative FREE webinar on the state of cybersecurity for medical devices in 2022! Listen to Guy Gilam, Head of Product Marketing at CYBELLUM, as he discusses lessons learned, trends, and new tools to deploy in this presentation.

Explore the following subjects for webinars:

  • Results breakdown from 200+ medical device security survey respondents
  • Review of the most pressing challenges facing medical device manufacturers
  • Outlining common tools currently employed to mitigate threats & risks
  • Investments made to improve medical device security: What & where

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