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AppSecCon 2023
United States | California, Palo Alto
June 28, 2023

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The Purple Book Community is hosting an event called the Virtual AppSec Conference, and the purpose of this gathering is to bring together some of the most prominent application security specialists from across the world. This conference provides a venue for industry leaders to exchange their expertise, thoughts, and experiences at a time when the need of developing safe software is growing in tandem with the rise in the number of cyber threats.

The conference discusses a wide variety of issues pertaining to application security, such as secure coding methods, threat modeling, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and many more related issues. The attendees may anticipate hearing from a wide range of speakers, who will include executives, developers, and security experts from some of the world’s leading technology businesses.

Attending this conference will give you the chance to network with other application security professionals who share your interests and expertise, which is one of the most important reasons to go. Attendees are able to communicate with one another and share ideas, best practices, and potential solutions to widespread security issues through the use of virtual networking events.

Everyone who is interested in application security should find the Virtual AppSec Conference, which is being put on by the Purple Book Community, to be an extremely helpful resource. Everyone, from complete amateurs to seasoned industry veterans, will be able to find something to their liking at this event. This conference is one that you should attend if you have any interest in enhancing your abilities, broadening your knowledge, or simply keeping up with the most recent tendencies and advances in the industry, as it will provide you with all of these opportunities and more.

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