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OptivCon Events in 2022 - 2023

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OptivCon Atlanta 2023
United States | Georgia, Atlanta
May 17, 2023

OptivCon Denver 2023
United States | Colorado, Denver
May 24, 2023

Source Zero Con 2023
United States | Colorado, Denver
June 21, 2023

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One of the most successful and innovative organizations in the field of cybersecurity, Optiv Security, hosts an annual convention known as OptivCon.

Participants will get the opportunity to hear from some of the most brilliant minds in the field of cybersecurity as they share their thoughts, skills, and experiences with them. By offering a forum in which persons with similar interests can network and share information, OptivCon enables professionals to remain current on the most recent cybersecurity trends and methods, as well as learn from instances drawn from the real world.

Attending OptivCon can be beneficial for those working in the cybersecurity field in a variety of different ways. To begin, there is the possibility to gain knowledge from industry leaders who are currently at the forefront of the field. seminars will be offered that cover a wide variety of topics, including cloud security, threat intelligence, compliance, and risk management. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend these seminars. Attendees can improve their understanding of how to protect the assets and data of their organizations by listening to presentations on emerging technology, tools, and tactics.

OptivCon is a wonderful venue for networking, in addition to providing attendees with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. The attendees are able to interact face-to-face with other professionals in the cybersecurity field, which enables them to trade ideas, discuss effective strategies, and form new connections. The chances for professional advancement, business connections, and even prospective collaborations that can be found through networking at OptivCon are almost limitless.

Attending OptivCon is also an excellent way to have a good time. The conference will feature interactive demos, hackathons, and competitions for attendees to take part in. In addition, intriguing new insights into recent happenings and emerging trends in the industry are provided by keynote speakers and other industry professionals. In general, OptivCon presents a one-of-a-kind chance for individuals working in the field of cybersecurity to broaden their horizons, create valuable connections, and have a good time while also acquiring knowledge that could make them more efficient in their jobs.

OptivCon Atlanta 2023

As an OptivCon guest, you can expect 8 hours of engaging information aligned with the current cybersecurity landscape, actionable insights from industry leaders, and many opportunities to engage with those leaders personally throughout the day.

OptivCons are small (100-300) participant events with technology sponsors, your local Optiv team, and Optiv leadership. They provide a secure environment for inquiries, serious dialogues, and the freedom to choose which breakouts to attend.

Furthermore, lunches throughout the day, as well as a closing celebration, are included with your full attendance.

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