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United Kingdom | Belfast
April 19, 2023

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The goal for the year 2023 is to provide a digital future that is both accessible and robust. The rate of digital and technological advancement is accelerating at an unparalleled rate. This will offer great benefits to society, but it also has the potential to endanger the national and economic security interests of the UK and other free and open societies. While this will bring huge benefits to society, it also has the potential to threaten these interests.

At CYBERUK 2023, the team will attempt to provide responses to some of the most difficult challenges that are now being faced by the international cyber community:

  • What do you think cyberspace will be like in the next ten years?
  • Will we be able to protect it in such a way that it continues to be democratic, open, and free?
  • Will we have cultivated and grown the necessary amount of talent?
  • Will we have developed new technology and established the infrastructures necessary to support our beliefs?
  • Will we have anticipated and taken measures to mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks?
  • Will we have the ability to withstand the dangers?

And if we don’t, what will our contemporaries from the future have to say to us about it?

During the event, we will discuss how today’s cyber ecosystem – a sector that is worth £10 billion to the UK economy – can strengthen, join together, and innovate in order to withstand the dangers, be ready for the possibilities, and ensure that the UK remains the safest place in which to live and work online.

CYBERUK is renowned for its high-quality material, engaging speakers, electric atmosphere, and numerous opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.

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