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Luxatia International Events in 2022 - 2023

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5th Legal AI Summit 2022
Germany | Berlin
October 6, 2022

2nd World Intelligent Insurance Summit
Germany | Berlin
November 2, 2023
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6th World Legal Tech Summit
United States | Illinois, Chicago
September 7, 2023

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Luxatia International is a renowned worldwide consulting firm that offers clients in a variety of industries strategic and operational consultancy services. The firm focuses in assisting businesses in addressing challenging business challenges, particularly those connected to digital transformation, innovation, and growth.

Luxatia International, with its team of experienced professionals and consultants, provides a comprehensive range of services, including strategy formulation, market analysis, organizational design, performance improvement, and technology implementation. Healthcare, financial services, energy, telecommunications, and other industries are among those in which the organization has expertise.

Luxatia International distinguishes itself from other consulting firms with its innovative problem-solving approach and ability to give practical, tangible solutions. The organization is committed to collaborating with its clients in order to understand their specific demands, difficulties, and goals and to create tailored solutions that match their specific needs.

Overall, Luxatia International is a reliable partner for companies looking to prosper in today’s continuously changing economy. Its considerable experience, professional views, and dedication to quality make it an important resource for businesses seeking long-term growth and success.

2nd World Intelligent Insurance Summit

Join Luxatia International and worldwide executives as they return to Berlin, Germany for their 2nd World Intelligent Insurance Summit on November 2nd and 3rd, 2023. This edition will concentrate on the most recent technologies and techniques for improving policy pricing, fraud detection, consumer engagement, claims, underwriting, and other aspects of the insurance industry.

This hybrid event will bring together InsurTech specialists, brokers, and researchers from health, life, automotive, home, employee, product, and other insurance types to discuss the best strategies for creating hyper-personalized policies, remaining compliant when collecting large amounts of data, and utilizing smart contracts in claims automation, among other things.

Leading professionals will be there to share their perspectives and explore the latest developments transforming the insurance sector.

This is a fantastic two-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and explore the most recent insurance advances and possibilities.

6th World Legal Tech Summit

Luxatia International, in collaboration with global executives, cordially invites attendees to the 6th World Legal Tech Summit, which will take place on September 7th and 8th, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. The forthcoming conference will focus on actual case studies of intelligent technology applications in law firms and in-house departments, with the goal of improving legal documentation, litigation analysis, forecasting, and client services. Participants will receive insight into solutions to legal issues.

The hybrid event is intended to bring together in-house counsels, next-generation lawyers, legal specialists, and legal IT aficionados. Discussions will center on the influence of modern AI applications, blockchain, machine learning, analytical tools, and big data on business processes and the legal sector. Attendees will learn about the best practices and techniques used in the legal sector to digitize operational excellence and empower the workforce from leading professionals from prominent global businesses.

The event provides an excellent two-day chance to network with industry professionals, debate the latest advances in transforming legal practices, and build solutions to propel firms forward.

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