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MSSN CTRL: Security Engineering and Automation Conference 2023
United States | Virginia, Arlington
October 5, 2023

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MSSN CTRL: Security Engineering and Automation Conference 2023

MSSN CTRL is an exclusive security engineering and automation event focused on how cybersecurity innovators have changed the way security has been practiced over the last decade and how they are finally able to fundamentally architect the security infrastructure they require to support what they do best.

The inaugural event, which will be held in Arlington, Virginia on October 5-6, 2023, will include in-depth technical training as well as informative hands-on sessions with direct takeaways on how to use new methods and tools to protect your organization or customers.

MSSN CTRL is an immersive experience that allows attendees to meet engineers, analysts, and leaders from the world’s most prominent cybersecurity startups, security service providers, and some of the best SOC teams.

This conference was designed with you, the practitioner, in mind. Hear from others in the field as they share real-life stories about the challenges they face and how they overcome them, debrief with peers, collaborate, expand your network, and leave inspired to do security differently.

Topics to expect at MSSN CTRL:

Incident Response, streamlined: approaches to responding to external incidents faster and more efficiently.
The modern SOC architecture: coping with the growing diversity in IT environments.
The problem with storage: strategies to deal with storage and its operationalization.

Who should attend MSSN CTRL?

  • Security engineers
  • Security architects
  • Security analysts
  • Detection engineers
  • Security leaders

This is the event for you if you are interested in discovering fresh ways of thinking and new developing technology to solve the security issues you are currently facing. We won’t criticize you if you’ve gotten into the habit of adding acronyms to your technology stack, but we will encourage you to open your mind to a new frontier if that is the case.

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