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RECOMMENDED | Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit | September 26 - 28 2023

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World Digital Sovereignty Summit 2023
Spain | Barcelona
April 20, 2023

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World Digital Sovereignty Summit 2023

The process of digitalization is about to take an enormous leap forward. On the one hand, this might bring a plethora of benefits to all sectors of the economy, such as accelerated delivery times, improved product quality, significant cost reductions, and maximum market penetration.
On the other hand, businesses run the risk of having their production halted by malware, losing their competitive edge due to data theft, and having the trust of their investors eroded as a result of stolen data.

This summit will show solutions to this predicament by utilizing techniques that are sustainable, diversified, and clever in order to develop resilience and continuity. A gathering of specialists and managers takes place in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, the explanation of creative tactics, and the acquisition of information on existing solutions.

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