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Jack Henry Cybersecurity Forum 2023
United States | Illinois, Chicago
May 25, 2023

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Participate in a discussion with cybersecurity experts from Jack Henry and Rebyc Security as they go through the latest security challenges and trends that could affect you and the account holders you hold most dear. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a highly interactive training exercise that is based on real-world scenarios and is meant to help you maintain your resilience and be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any cyberattacks.

Instruction in cybersecurity:

We are going to replicate a real-world cyber event that occurred at a financial institution through a session that is extremely participatory and consists of three phases. You and the other people in your cohort will be organized into teams, each of you will be given a role, and you will be responsible for responding to the crisis and recovering from it.

  • Throughout the course of the day, there will be opportunities to participate in interactive sessions.
  • There will be lunch provided.

Included among the topics discussed are:

  • Insights from the front lines: learn what strategies are effective – and why they are effective – from leading cybersecurity professionals
  • Regulatory Perspectives and anticipated outcomes
  • How fraudulent activity on the internet can lead to a full-blown data leak

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