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Istanbul Java User Group Events in 2022 - 2023

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Java Day Istanbul 2022
Turkey | Istanbul
May 24, 2022

Java Day Istanbul 2023
Turkey | Istanbul
May 6, 2023

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The organization is involved in the Java Community Process, OpenJDK, and Eclipse Foundation communities. They keep up with new software advances and share them with their members. They also enable constant engagement between software engineers who wish to contribute to Java development and collaborators who contribute to the software ecosystem, particularly Java technologies.

Java Day Istanbul 2023

One of the most successful international community-driven software conferences in Turkey, Java Day Istanbul is organized and supported by the Istanbul Java User Group. The conference educates developers on the most recent technological advancements pertaining to Java, the web, mobile devices, big data, the cloud, development operations, agile methodology, and the future.

Java Day Istanbul also assists software developers, IT enterprises, and startup businesses in establishing productive working relationships with one another.

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