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Healthcare IT Institute 2023
United States | California, Pasadena
June 11, 2023

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As the number of patients in need of medical care continues to climb, the number of stakeholders in the healthcare business becomes more complex, and as the reimbursement environment becomes more difficult to manage, health systems are encountering an increasing number of challenges. Health systems are facing a number of challenges, including a lack of staff, heterogeneous patient data, difficulty of satisfying the expectations of patients and consumers, and a quickly changing digital environment. These challenges are forcing health systems to change in order to compete or even to survive.

Health IT is going through a transition: from being largely focused on billing to being a facilitator of healthcare delivery, and eventually to being an extension of care into the home and across geographic locations as time goes on. Moreover, because the environment in which health systems operate is always shifting, the executives in charge of information technology have to be prepared for whatever the next unforeseen event might be. This might be anything from a cyberattack to an epidemic of an infectious illness, or even a legal judgment such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As a consequence of this, the executives in charge of the health system’s information technology are more business-oriented. They collaborate with the business in the design of new services and capabilities to enable physicians to participate, patients to feel at ease, to extend the reach of the system’s services to areas that are currently underserved, and to have a positive impact on the overall health of the communities that are served.

This event has an outstanding program planned for this Spring, and the organizers are very eager to have you participate in this small meeting of healthcare IT professionals from throughout the country for a couple of days of knowledge-sharing and networking. You will get the opportunity to explore and discuss innovative approaches to overcoming these difficulties during interactive panel discussions, think tank sessions, case study presentations, and one-on-one business meetings.

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