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Workshop on Privacy and Security Intricacies on the Web (INTRICATE-SEC) 2022
Australia | Sydney
April 13, 2022

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The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam is Germany’s digital engineering university center of excellence, developing research and teaching in IT systems engineering, data engineering, cyber security, entrepreneurship, and digital health. The Faculty of Digital Engineering, formed jointly by HPI and the University of Potsdam, provides innovative engineering and application-oriented study programs through its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

More than 700 students are now enrolled in the program. The CHE University Ranking routinely places HPI at the top. The HPI School of Design Thinking is Europe’s first university-based innovation school. It is built on the Stanford model and provides 300 spaces for supplemental study each year.

There are now 22 professors at HPI, as well as approximately 50 guest professors and lecturers. HPI performs research that is known for its excellent quality in the areas of information technology. At the HPI Research Schools in Potsdam and its subsidiaries in Cape Town, Haifa, Irvine, and Nanjing, Ph.D. candidates do research. The foundations and applications of massive, extremely complex, and networked IT systems are the emphases of HPI’s education and research. HPI also focuses on the creation and study of user-centered innovations in many aspects of life.

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