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2022 INTERSCT. Conference on cyber security of Internet-of-Things
Netherlands | Enschede
May 19, 2022

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With the Internet of Things (IoT), we are seamlessly integrating the cyber and physical worlds, extending the risk area to safety and necessitating a broader security approach.

IoT is proving to be one of our infrastructure’s weakest links. With billions, and eventually trillions, of gadgets on the market, security dangers are increasing at an alarming rate.

Our economic and sociological forces are combining to form a perfect storm, a pervasive infrastructure of billions of IoT gadgets that, on the one hand, will control our lives and economy, but will be absolutely unmanageable from a security standpoint. To compound the risk, IoT systems are frequently designed and engineered in places over which we have no control, and unless we want to effectively surrender our digital sovereignty by relying solely on foreign solutions for national cyber security, we must find a way to secure them regardless of provenance or built-in malicious intents.

We cannot safeguard what we cannot manage; we must reinvent the security paradigm, delegating part of the security management to the system, which must autonomously adapt to the changing environment while staying under our supervision, and rethink all of our security technologies accordingly. We must be able to design, develop, and manufacture IoT systems-of-systems in a fundamentally different manner, allowing the overall system to become robust, resilient, and trustworthy even in the presence of individual IoT devices that are insecure or even compromised in a Zero-trust environment, as well as provide the right ecosystem for their widespread adoption within industry. We actually need to be able to design, develop, and manufacture new types of IoT devices with security-by-design, security-by-default, robustness, and resilience in mind; these devices must pro-actively manage their security, actively respond to attacks, recover from attacks, resume and restore themselves to a predefined level of operation following an attack, and so on.

Many of these concerns will be addressed by a strong roster of invited speakers, panelists, and moderators at the 2022 edition of the INTERSCT. Conference on Cyber Security of Internet-of-Things, including:

  • Prof. Bart Jacobs (RU)
  • Prof. Sandro Etalle (TU/e)
  • Prof. Michel van Eeten (TUD)
  • Prof. Aiko Pras (UT)
  • Jaya Baloo (Avast)
  • Nelly Ghaoui (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate)
  • Nienke Brouwer (Dirkzwager)
  • Erik de Jong (Fox-IT)

The event has the following parts:

  • Six parallel tracks each focused on a specific R&D and (technological) innovation programs
  • Buffet lunch with ample networking opportunities
  • Invited talk by Jaya Baloo
  • Panel session moderated by prof. Bart Jacobs with Nelly Ghaoui, Nienke Brouwer, Erik de Jong
  • Dutch Cyber Security Best Research Paper Award presentations and ceremony (organized by ACCSS)
  • Reception with ample networking opportunities

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