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Information Security Research Association (ISRA) Events in 2022 - 2023

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c0c0n 2022
India | Kerala
September 21, 2022

c0c0n 2023
Afghanistan |

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c0c0n Cybersecurity Conferences

This is one of the best Cybersecurity Conferences in India.

c0c0n is a platform that has been around for the past 14 years that aims to provide opportunities to demonstrate, educate, learn, and create awareness of Information Security, data protection, and privacy issues.

In addition to this, it intends to serve as a meeting place for various corporate and government organizations, such as the numerous investigative agencies, academic institutions, research organizations, industry leaders, and players, in order to facilitate improved coordination in the process of making the online world a more positive and secure environment. As part of the conferences, there will be a wide variety of technical, non-technical, legal, and community events.

Information Security Research Association

The Information Security Research Association, or ISRA, is a non-profit organization located in India that promotes information security research and teaching. ISRA, which was founded in 2012, aims to foster knowledge sharing among academia, industry professionals, and government organizations in order to better understand and address cybersecurity concerns.

ISRA members have access to a variety of materials, including research papers, webinars, and conferences on information security. Members can also benefit from training courses and certification programs, which keep them up to date on the newest trends and approaches in the area.

One of the primary advantages of becoming a member of ISRA is the opportunity to network with other experts in the information security sector. Members can network with colleagues and professionals from a variety of sectors and experiences, gaining valuable insights and perspectives on emerging risks and issues.

Furthermore, ISRA actively interacts with government agencies and industry partners to push information security research and development. This allows members to participate in crucial efforts and potentially affect the future of cybersecurity in India.

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