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Identity Management & Access Control (IAM) training
Netherlands | Utrecht
June 13, 2022

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Identity Management & Access Control (IAM) Training

Access to information and applications that are dispersed across internal and external application systems must be managed by businesses. Furthermore, they must enable this access to an increasing number of individuals, both inside and outside the company, without jeopardizing security or revealing sensitive data. Leaders in security and identity management and access control frequently struggle to initiate and maintain identity management and access control projects. The International Management Forum (IMF) recommends a framework for governing Identity Management and Access Control efforts in order to effectively manage a wide range of risks and accomplish desired business goals.

Business expectations for Identity Management and Access Control are rapidly evolving, necessitating earlier and faster adoption of emerging technologies (such as mobile and cloud computing, data loss prevention, and social media). Cloud computing, in particular, introduces additional Identity Management and Access Control threats that must be controlled. The challenge of controlling access uniformly throughout the company, as well as the increasing complexity (and expense) of adopting new technologies into current Identity Management & Access Control procedures, are common issues.

Business value is driven by effective identity and management processes. lowering risk, ensuring compliance, increasing end-user experience, and adapting to the evolving IT ecosystem Identity Management & Access Control is a crucial step in safeguarding organizational resources while enabling users sufficient access to complete their tasks.

Enterprises with advanced Identity Management & Access Control capabilities can drastically lower their Identity Management costs. Because your firm will not be able to verify that corporate data is not at danger of being exploited due to poorly governed Identity Management & Access Control systems, your organization may face regulatory non-compliance. This 4-day Identity Management & Access Control focused program outlines life cycle stages, pertinent IT trends, a capability maturity model, critical considerations for transformation, tools, and how to get started to help achieve the aim of an enabler that decreases risks.

Are you in charge of your company’s effective deployment of Identity Management and Access Control? Don’t be hesitant; this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Identity managers, process managers, IT managers, (IT) information managers, (information) security managers, IT auditors, network managers, security architects, risk managers, compliance managers, and Human Resources managers should all attend this 4-day Identity Management & Access Control training.

The discipline of identity management and access control is responsible for controlling access to organizational resources. Any information security program must include it as a core component. Individual principals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges are managed inside or beyond system and enterprise boundaries with the purpose of improving security and efficiency while reducing cost, downtime, and repetitive operations. Identity Management (IdM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) are two words that are sometimes used interchangeably.

Identity Management encompasses topics such as how people obtain an identity, how that identity is protected, and the technology that support that protection (e.g. network protocols, digital certificates, passwords, etc.). To manage identities and access to company resources, Identity Management and Access Control consists of people, procedures, and products. The Identity Management & Access Control framework’s ultimate purpose is to provide the right individuals the appropriate access at the right time.

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