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IIoT World Events in 2022 - 2023

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IIoT World’s ICS Cybersecurity Day 2022
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
October 12, 2022

Data Center World 2022
United States | Texas, Austin
March 28, 2022

Intelligent Secure Edge (ISE) for Smart Cities 2022
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
May 26, 2022

IIoT World Manufacturing Day 2022
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
May 12, 2022

IIoT World Energy Day 2022
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
June 6, 2022

All Things IIoT Day 2023
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
March 2, 2023

IIoT World Manufacturing Day 2023
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
May 17, 2023

IIoT World Energy Day 2023
United States | Ohio, Cleveland
June 28, 2023

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Almost every sector is benefiting from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IIoT World examines the economic and technological ramifications of the revolution occurring as IIoT spreads throughout the organization. IIoT World blends journalistic reporting with data analysis to uncover the stories, players, trends, and technologies shaping the IIoT. Carolina Rudinschi and Lucian Fogoros launched IIoT World as a digital publication in 2016.

IIoT World is committed to delivering ongoing news and developments relevant to the Industrial Internet of Things, often known as Industry 4.0. To produce content and coverage across a wide range of industry categories, their employees draw on the expertise and experience of the world’s top newsrooms. Their objective is to assist you in developing an innovative culture and connecting the smarts: Industrial Technology, Manufacturing, Sensors, and CXO Decision Makers.

Intelligent Secure Edge (ISE) for Smart Cities 2022

As rising urbanization puts strain on public infrastructure and security, smart cities enable governments to solve these issues. Next-generation technology use information from several cities to simplify city operations and respond to catastrophes more quickly.

The Intelligent Secure Edge (ISE) for Smart Cities, developed by HCL IoT WoRKSTM with Intel technologies, is a collaborative platform that connects citizens, communities, and authorities as a virtual network, powered by vision analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Edge, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and other next-generation technologies – to drive proactive responses based on real-time insights. Citizens may now work with authorities and companies to improve society and well-being in smart cities, since they are the focal point of reforming society and well-being. Among the various applications of ISE for Smart Cities are traffic management and response systems, safe educational campuses, smart parking, environmental safety, water quality, and flood control.

IIoT World Manufacturing Day 2022

The event will bring together Industrial IoT (IIoT) subject matter experts from across the world to exchange insights on IIoT and AI technologies used in the Manufacturing Industry.

Organizers will bring together a worldwide audience to investigate the most inventive real-world use cases of hardware and software enabling AI at the edge, with examples focusing on smart manufacturing.

The material is aimed at CxOs, executives, and technology-oriented executives, engineers, and IT/OT experts.

IIoT World Energy Day 2022

The energy industry is one of the more advanced industries that is facing extreme challenges to its traditional business processes as a result of several factors such as new developments in smart technology, changing customer preferences, a shift to renewable sources and distributed generation, and an increasing need to deliver energy-efficiency solutions. The event’s key topics are:

  • The Future of Energy
  • Decarbonization
  • Decentralization
  • Digitalization.

During the one-day online event, 20+ subject matter experts will share insights with the expected 3 000+ attendees on the industrial “metaverse”: what is it and why should you care?; net zero in an industrial world; blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies in the energy industry; how to use IIoT to grow the energy storage system; how digital twins are transforming the energy industry; the future of mobility: hydrogen and fuel cell solutions; ransomware in the energy industry.

All Things IIoT Day 2023

Key topics covered:

  • Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with IIoT
  • How to innovate with IIoT analytics while protecting your existing IT and OT investments
  • Open Source Software for Industry 4.0
  • MQTT and Sparkplug: Delivering Plug-and-Play Interoperability for IIoT
  • AR/VR applications for Industrial IoT
  • How to achieve cyber immunity in IIoT

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