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Howard County Chamber Events in 2022 - 2023

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Cyber Risk Management Conference 2022
United States | Maryland, Columbia
July 13, 2022

Howard County Chamber Cyber Conference 2023
United States | North Carolina, Columbia
June 16, 2023

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In the past, when people thought of cyber security, images of masked criminals laboring in a shadowy room to get into our country’s defense systems and the websites of major businesses sprang to mind.

Because it has an impact on our day-to-day lives as well as the operations of businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that the scope of cyber security extends well beyond that of national security and online presence. Businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare groups, and nonprofit organizations are all struggling with IT (Information Technology) infrastructure difficulties and the pressures won’t let up any time soon. This is true across all of these different types of organizations.

Data security, access control, and management are all having an impact on a variety of day-to-day activities, including e-commerce, teleworking, telemedicine, and virtual learning environments.

Concurrently, labor shortages continue to be a barrier for technology companies in their capacity to defend themselves against digital attackers. The cyber and risk management policies that company organizations put into place, as well as the continual training that their staff undergoes, in order to secure their data assets and intellectual property, will surely have a direct correlation with future business earnings.

Howard County Chamber Cyber Conference 2023

As a result of the fast-shifting digital landscape of today, organizations of all sizes have made strengthening their cybersecurity a major concern. The crucial issue of training and growing tomorrow’s workforce to reduce corporate risk will be the main topic of discussion at the 2023 Howard County Chamber of Commerce Cyber Conference. At this year’s conference, there will be four interactive sessions that will present attendees with actionable solutions for constructing a cyber workforce that is resilient.

The first session, titled “Sourcing Talent – Attraction & Hiring Strategies,” investigates the various methods that firms may use to successfully attract and hire top personnel in the extremely competitive cyber job market. The second session is titled “Pathways to Employment: Certifications vs. Education vs. Experience,” and it investigates the various ways in which people might enter the cyber profession. In the final presentation, titled “Beyond the Hire, Continued Development and Growth,” the presenters will discuss the different ways in which companies can assist their cyber personnel in continuing their professional education. The last workshop, titled “Job Description Workshop – HR & Management,” provides attendees with actionable advice and recommendations for best practices for the creation of successful job descriptions that both attract and keep top cyber talent.

In general, the 2023 Howard County Chamber Cyber Conference provides a strategy that is both thorough and practical to the task of establishing a cyber workforce that is resilient. After attending the conference, attendees will go away with useful insights and solutions that can be adopted within their organizations to reduce business risk and stay ahead of cyber threats.

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