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HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) Events in 2022 - 2023

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Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) 2022
United States | New York, New York City
July 22, 2022

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HOPE, along with DEF CON, is one of the oldest hacker conferences.

A New HOPE will be a game changer for the hacking community in so many ways. We’ve all gone through a lot, and it’s been difficult. It is time to re-unite in order to inspire, transform, and spread HOPE.

A New HOPE will be performed live and in person, at a fantastic new venue. St. John’s University has greater room and more opportunities, and it provides us with much more support for HOPE in the future.

The organizers claim that “we shall miss our previous home, the Hotel Pennsylvania, which is being destroyed. But we’re now ready to move on to the next chapter. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting chapter in history as we work together to establish A New HOPE.”

Proud to recommend one of our partners: The Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne!

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