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Fraunhofer FKIE Events in 2022 - 2023

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Germany | Bonn
March 21, 2023

Open Identity Summit 2023
Germany | Heilbronn
June 15, 2023

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Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics
  • Case studies and trend reports
  • Cloud and virtualized environments
  • Covert channels (e.g. TOR, VPN)
  • Digital evidence sharing and exchange
  • Digital evidence and the law
  • Digital forensic preparedness/readiness
  • Digital investigation case management
  • Digital forensic tool validation
  • Digital forensic triage/survey
  • Event reconstruction methods and tools
  • Forensics analysis and Visualization of Big Data
  • Implanted medical devices
  • Machine learning and data mining for digital evidence extraction/query
  • Malware and targeted attacks (analysis and attribution)
  • Mobile and embedded device forensics
  • Network and distributed system forensics
  • Non-traditional forensic scenarios/contexts
  • SCADA / industrial control systems
  • Smart power grid forensics
  • Smart building forensics
  • Vehicle forensics (e.g., drones, cars)
  • Virtual currency

Open Identity Summit 2023

The Open Identity Summit 2023 aims to connect actual experiences and needs with academic discoveries. Identity Management, Trust Services, Open Source, the Internet of Things, Distributed Ledgers, Privacy, and Cloud Computing will be areas of focus.

Open standards and interfaces, as well as open-source technology, are critical components of the current identity management environment, as well as developing future scenarios in the areas of electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. Many applications and services rely on reliable identity management, such as innovative payment services, digital manufacturing, and other innovative applications in e-health, e-government, distributed ledgers, cloud computing, data management for artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

While there are numerous successful implementations of those strategies to protect authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality, there are also many closely connected areas that require more research. These include technological solutions that increase transparency, intervenability, and accountability. Furthermore, the security and privacy aspects of technology are critical.

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