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Workshop on Attacks and Software Protection (WASP) 2023
Netherlands | The Hague
September 28, 2023

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Workshop on Attacks and Software Protection (WASP) 2023

The necessity for software security is becoming more important than it has ever been before as a result of the ever-increasing proliferation of software threats. In the most recent few years, we have seen an increase in the number of cyber assaults that target software and the valuable information that it stores. These attacks have caused considerable financial and reputational damage to both enterprises and individuals alike.

WASP’s mission is to bring together researchers and industry professionals working on the topic of software protection so that they may share their knowledge and thoughts on the most recent developments, difficulties, and possibilities in this sector. In particular, WASP focuses on approaches for program protection and reverse engineering that can be utilized for both lawful and illegal objectives. These techniques include malware research and analysis, as well as protection measures for intellectual property and commercial software.

The community stands to gain a greater understanding of software security, new research avenues, and practical insights to improve the software protection it provides, which are the benefits that are anticipated. This workshop will provide a place for spirited conversations, the sharing of knowledge, and networking among the participants. Additionally, it will develop collaborations and partnerships between academic institutions and industry.

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