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Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal Events) Events in 2022 - 2023

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WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum 2023
United States | New York, New York City
May 31, 2023

WSJ Risk & Compliance Forum 2023
United States | New York, New York City
May 9, 2023

WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum 2022
United States | New York, New York City
November 30, 2022
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The WSJ Risk & Compliance Forum 2022
United States | New York, New York City
May 10, 2022

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Wall Street Journal Events, also known as WSJ Events, is a series of interactive and thought-provoking events that are sponsored by The Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal Events are also abbreviated as “WSJ Events.” High-level dialogues between famous experts in their professions are the focus of these events, with the intention of providing participants with business and economic ideas that will engage and enlighten them. These events cover a wide range of issues, including politics, health care, the arts, and everything from international trade to technology, banking, cybersecurity, and the economy.

These are highly recommended security events to attend or engage with!

WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum 2022

Are you up to date on any prospective new disclosures on the expertise of your board in cyberspace?

Are you prepared to deal with an attack?

You will walk away with actionable guidance on all of these issues, in addition to the following: hearing firsthand insights from a victim of a recent attack, participating in a deep-dive workshop with peers, and delving into the findings of our annual cybersecurity survey.

Mr. Nicholas Elliot, who serves as the Head of Professional Products Innovation and Strategy at The Wall Street Journal, will serve as the event’s moderator.

Cybersecurity is a problem for everyone, not just the tech team. Everyone has a role in keeping systems secure, and on November 30, the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum will address the issues that are on business leaders’ minds the most. Discover the best ways to handle budget cuts, security breaches, reporting, ransomware, whistleblowers, your board, and much more.

No salespeople or experts. In brief sessions, our program’s goal is to present applicable solutions. This is your chance to interact with the professionals who are working in this quickly evolving field. Join us and leave with the information you need to make the most important cybersecurity decisions for the entire company.

WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum 2023

The WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Forum is the premier gathering of cybersecurity executives. On May 31, business leaders, senior practitioners, and industry experts will convene to explore practical strategies for better protecting your firm from cyber assaults. Clarify how – and what – you may need to disclose in the future, how to bring additional cyber experience to your board, and how to accomplish more with less.

Their curriculum is designed to provide practical solutions in short, to-the-point sessions. You’ll be able to ask questions and get genuine answers, hear from front-line experts, interact and engage with other participants, get CPE credits, and access a full library of research reports, news stories, and mainstage session videos following the event. Learn what you need to know to make key cybersecurity decisions for every department in your organization.

WSJ Risk & Compliance Forum 2023

Operating a profitable business now more than ever depends on predicting risks and enforcing strict compliance.

Speakers at this spring’s Forum will give you strategic insight and practical takeaways on a variety of crucial risk areas, including sanctions and export controls, privacy, sustainability, and workplace challenges, to help you prepare for and manage regulatory and regulatory scrutiny.

You’ll find our discussions useful whether you’re a risk manager, compliance officer, or legal professional. Throughout the Forum, you will have the opportunity to interact with delegates as they address a wide range of crucial risk areas such as cybersecurity, climate change, and geopolitics. Join your colleagues to obtain strategic insight and practical insights for protecting and growing your organization.

Proud to recommend one of our partners: The Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne!

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