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RECOMMENDED | Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit | September 26 - 28 2023

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Hack Yourself Stockholm
Sweden | Stockholm
May 19, 2022

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According to Gartner, the growth of the attack surface will be the most significant security and risk management trend in 2022. Join the folks from Detectify in person on Thursday, May 19th, to learn all you need to know about External Attack Surface Management, a rapidly growing field of cybersecurity.

This event will bring together leading ethical hackers, industry thought leaders, and practitioners to discuss trends, problems, and possibilities in the field of EASM. It is targeted at security professionals who are managing an ever-growing attack surface.

Following are some of the topics and speakers to look forward to: Fredrik Alexandersson (STK) – How to hack at scale while you sleep STK is an Ethical Hacker and Creative who is enthusiastic about learning new things and sharing his experiences

As part of his presentation, STK will demonstrate how you may wake up in the morning, make a fresh pot of coffee, and take pleasure in the aroma of discovering new vulnerabilities in your #interesting Slack channel!

  • Join us for an in-depth look at the present state and future of the EASM industry.
  • Attack vectors that are emerging and that businesses should be aware of
  • What SaaS/modern organisations can learn from hackers when it comes to identifying vulnerabilities throughout the attack surface is that they are more creative.
  • When it comes to attack surface management, there are several risks that firms prefer to ignore.
  • The ways in which third-party assets might provide a security issue for businesses are discussed here.
  • How to scale your security solutions as your attack surface expands is discussed in detail.
  • Avoid missing this opportunity to explore the future of attack surface management with members of the Detectify team and other security professionals.

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