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DEEP Conference 2023
Croatia | Petrcane
October 24, 2023
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DEEP 2023

The emphasis is on low-level and technical matters.

For some, it might be a game, but there will likely be many simulations of actual attacks as well as hacking, exploits, and malware analysis.

The organizers welcome fresh approaches to finding and exploiting vulnerabilities.

This is one of the best Cybersecurity Conferences in Croatia and is highly recommended.

Croatia is an increasingly popular destination for travelers and businesspeople alike, with its stunning coastal views and rich culture. But with the rise of tourism and globalization, there has also been a rise in cybercrime attacks targeting Croatia. Cybersecurity is becoming more important than ever for those who call this beautiful country home.

Croatia’s government is actively working to improve its cybersecurity infrastructure by investing in cutting-edge technologies and raising public awareness about cyber risks. The Government of Croatia’s Cyber Security Strategy aims to protect both citizens and companies from cyber threats while also ensuring that they are able to do business safely online. They have also established a National Cyber Security Center as part of their overall security strategy, tasked with monitoring cyber threats across the country.

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