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High Confidence Software and Systems Conference (HCSS) 2023
United States | Maryland, Annapolis
May 8, 2023

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High Confidence Software and Systems Conference (HCSS) 2023

The widespread use of information technology and cyber-physical systems (CPS) in our life leads us to rely on the correctness and integrity of those computer systems in a variety of unanticipated ways, with our privacy, safety, security, and well-being all becoming increasingly dependent on them.

The High Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS) Conference, now in its second decade, was founded to foster the exchange of ideas among government, research labs, and industry practitioners. HCSS provides a venue for a discussion focused on the advancement of scientific underpinnings as well as new and enabling software and hardware solutions for the safe architecture of complex computing systems. These systems, which include networked and cyber-physical systems, must be capable of interacting correctly, safely, and securely with humans and the physical world while operating in dynamic and potentially hostile contexts with unpredictable conditions. In many circumstances, they must be verifiably trustworthy.

New scientific, technological, and advanced practice foundations are still required to develop these systems with computation, communication, information, and control pervasively implanted at all levels. These new foundations have the potential to enable entirely new generations of engineering designs that are becoming critical for effectively operating life-, safety-, security-, and mission-critical applications, and that can boost US competitiveness across economic and industrial sectors while ensuring our citizens’ privacy, safety, and security.

The HCSS conference aims to grow a skilled practitioner community through a program of invited speakers, panel discussions, and a relevant and compelling technical track, with a technical emphasis on mathematically-based tools and techniques, as well as scientific foundations supporting evidence creation and system assurance and security. The conference vision is to motivate, sustain, and grow a community focused on the development of dependable systems that are capable, efficient, and responsive; that can work in dangerous or inaccessible environments; that can support large-scale, distributed coordination; that augment human capabilities; that can advance the national security mission; and that improve the quality of life, safety, and security.

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