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COSAC 2022 - Information Security Conference
Ireland | Naas
October 2, 2022

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The COASC Cybersecurity conference, held in Ireland, is devoted to the subject of cybersecurity. It serves as a venue for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to debate and share their newest cybersecurity findings, ideas, and experiences. There will be a number of keynote lectures by prominent leaders in the area, as well as panel discussions and workshops, during the conference.

COSAC 2022 – Information Security Conference

Instead of entering a room full of nameless faces watching at slides being clicked away till the ‘thank you’ slide appears, this event is a highly participatory and all-inclusive conference where presenters and participants are expected to discuss and exchange information is held.

No matter how difficult the InfoSec problem is, say what has to be stated. You could have just given someone an idea for a solution to a world problem.

There is also a restriction on the number of individuals who may attend in order to build an open and trusting community of participants where everyone can meet everyone. As a result, this conference is now sold out’ and has a waiting list.

3 streams operating in simultaneously for 4 days. The timetable alternates between workshops, masterclasses, plenary sessions, and speeches.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and supper at the Kilashee Hotel, a beautiful hotel with Victorian-era heritage, as well as access to magnificent gardens and many more to be explored.

Proud to recommend one of our partners: The Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne!

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