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Connected Africa 2023
South Africa | Johannesburg
September 25, 2023

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The third iteration of Connected Africa, which is known as Africa’s leading Telecom Summit, offers a comprehensive look into the latest advances and trends in digital infrastructure.

Connected Africa will bring together senior-level executives from telecommunications carriers, technology vendors, infrastructure providers, as well as regulatory and government officials, in order to have a discussion about the way forward, the environment that is conducive to innovation, strategies to innovate next-generation networks, potential and pain points.

Wireless infrastructure, VoLTE, 4G LTE, Network management, Big data, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Security, Analytics, Next Gen possibilities VAS, OTT, OSS/BSS, Internet of Things, and M2M are all becoming increasingly essential in the telecom sector.

Connected Africa is an opportunity that professionals, business people, and practitioners should not pass up to discuss solutions that are both practical and cost-effective for the development of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

ICSA is proud to announce the third iteration of its Connected Africa conference in light of this motivating factor. The Summit will discuss pressing information and communications technology problems and will concentrate on identifying potential solutions to those problems. The Summit is an opportunity that professionals, business people, and practitioners should not pass up since it provides the chance for them to explore solutions that are both practical and cost-effective for building the ICT industry.

Connected Africa is the perfect venue for establishing professional connections with key participants in the sector, including top managers, decision-makers, and practitioners who are actively working in relevant fields and making the most of available banking technologies.

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