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Common Sense: Data & Analytics Predict, North America 2023
United States | Texas, Dallas
June 6, 2023

Common Sense: AI Day San Francisco 2023
United States | California, San Francisco
June 27, 2023

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Common Sense: AI Day San Francisco 2023

The proliferation of AI/ML models powering tens of thousands of apps in every company shows no signs of abating. We’ll talk about how different organizations in different industries are handling several critical strategic facets of this growth curve during this conversational cybersecurity conference in California. It all comes down to developing applications that are used, have an influence on business ROI, and do not cause ethical or regulatory issues.

Who will be there?

The conference is intended for 50 data science and data leaders who are responsible for their company’s data science, data infrastructure, data strategy, and analytics strategies, such as CTOs, Chief Architects, Heads of Software Engineering, Heads of Data Science, Data Analytics leaders, Chief Data Officers, and Chief Digital Officers from Bay Area innovative enterprises.

Common Sense: Data & Analytics Predict, North America 2023

The deluge of data that is generated by businesses and the people they serve ought to be a competitive advantage; but, the majority of businesses are failing to manage all of this data. In order to successfully operationalize machine learning systems, data accessibility, quality, governance, and security are all essential components. As a result, the stakes are quite high. New frameworks are assisting us in getting a better handle on these problems, but the solutions go beyond just technological advancements.

Getting the most value out of your data will be a primary topic of discussion at this cybersecurity conference in Texas, where we will also explore new approaches and motivations for investing in this area.

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