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CIO Tomorrow 2023
United States | Ohio, Columbus
August 10, 2023

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Finding the proper individuals to fill their ever-evolving information technology roles can be challenging, and they frequently find that they are in competition with each other in the same limited labor market. It becomes essential for them to rethink this constrained perspective and take proactive measures to bridge the perceived skills gap by tapping into untapped labor pools through mentorship.

This emerging generation of talented individuals is either currently engaged in information technology (IT) or is aspiring to break into an IT-focused industry. What’s missing, however, is the vision of CIOs to lay the groundwork within their organizations to nurture these individuals as they develop and take control of the future of IT. This vision is what’s absent.

Efforts to broaden their approach and welcome this vast and vibrant cross-section of technological talent are beneficial on multiple fronts and create a win-win situation overall.

At CIO Tomorrow, they provide CIOs and other technology executives with the education and information necessary to make a significant difference within their companies. Additionally, they connect them with the diverse technology community in Columbus, which is driving and leading the IT revolution that is happening today.

CIO Tomorrow persistently brings to the stage the best and brightest CIO thought leaders from every industry, offering compelling, relevant material that encourages learning and growth. CIO Tomorrow has been delivering tech-focused insights and inspiration for the past 22 years.

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