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Future of Work Conference 2022
Greece | Athens
March 23, 2022

Cloud Computing Conference 2022
Greece | Athens
March 31, 2022

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Future of Work Conference 2022

The latest advancements in Industry 4.0, which call for the acceleration of the use of artificial intelligence, as well as current worldwide crises caused by the Covid -19 pandemic and climate change, have resulted in major and quick changes at work. Organizations, leadership, and human capital are now influencing the Future of Work in a volatile and uncertain environment (VUCA) (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

What will the conference look like?

The Future of Work Conference aims to offer a holistic approach to the current and future trends in Work:

  • Technology and AI, how does it affect people and organizations?
  • New models of work; a brand new workplace is arising
  • Crises and challenges
  • Current Trends

Cloud Computing Conference 2022

The Greek government’s faith in cloud services serves as actual proof for businesses considering them. The entrance of data centers from big worldwide providers in Greece is another motivator because it not only serves as a psychological boost but also has the practical benefit of lowering latency, which is critical for particular applications.

As a result, the foundations are getting increasingly firm. Several conservative industry sectors, such as banking and energy services, have declared cloud transformation plans for 2021. Everything indicates that there is no way to change direction.

It is natural for individuals in IT administrations to be concerned about this scenario; on the one hand, they accept the pressures from other administrations to move quickly, but on the other hand, they desire a pace that provides more cautious steps, so that they can react even if there are barriers.

With its subjects, the conference will attempt to address the issues of IT administrators by integrating the experiences of persons who have created applications with those who have the expertise to foresee advancements.

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