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Blackpoint Cyber Events in 2022 - 2023

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Blackpoint ReCON 2022
United States | Maryland, Ellicott City
July 21, 2022

Blackpoint ReCON 2023
United States | Maryland, Ellicott City
May 25, 2023

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The past two years have been mostly reactive. Not anymore, we assert. With Blackpoint Cyber on your side, put knowledge into practice to persuade customers to buy a security and grow your company. Come hear about the attacks we’ve observed, the predicted strategies our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG) is keeping an eye on, and how you can strengthen your defences from cybersecurity professionals at Blackpoint’s second annual ReCON. By acting proactively, you may both accelerate the growth of your company while maintaining operations for those you are protecting.

You may network with business executives at the event and offer your knowledge to establish yourself as an authoritative figure for your clientele. Threat intelligence based on information from previous occurrences results in better-informed choices, swift response, specialised defences, and smarter investments. Obtaining crucial knowledge about the intentions and strategies of your enemies can help you strengthen your defence.

Whether you are brand-new to the Blackpoint community or have been a part of the group for a while, organisers are committed to both safeguarding and empowering our partners. Learn how a greater emphasis on cyber threat intelligence may advance your company at ReCON 2022. Learn more about the newest services and components of our cybersecurity ecosystem, such as Cloud Response and the Adversary Pursuit Group. For updates on our event schedule, special guests and panels, and event-only goodies, keep checking back.

  • Get advice from professionals on how to improve your security plan so that your company may expand.
  • Clear Cybersecurity Education: Adapt your security approach to the most recent technological threat information, news, and research to better serve your clients.
  • Get Advice on How to Sell Security to Your Customers: Utilize our resources to increase your ability to sell to end users.
  • Maturity-Driven Actionable Steps Towards Business: At various phases, get knowledge from MSPs to broaden the area of your protection.
  • A Reliable Security Stack While remaining within your budget, our efficient ecology keeps you and your clients safe on all fronts.

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