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Aventedge Events in 2022 - 2023

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NZ Cyber Security & Risk Summit 2023
New Zealand | Auckland
March 15, 2023

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In reaction to the epidemic and geopolitical tensions, organizations around the world have strengthened their defenses against frequent and sophisticated data and network attacks.

Accelerate your cyber security priorities at the exclusive invitation-only New Zealand Cyber Security & Risk Conference, which will bring together more than 150 private sector security, IT, and risk leaders to respond to current and emerging cyber threats and hazards in a sustainable manner.

Learn about the most recent developments in security technology, including supply chain security, digital identity management, remote and hybrid workforce security, data protection techniques, and more.

The most recent cyber security trends, ideas, and efforts from more than 15 leading New Zealand enterprises will be discussed through practical case studies, engaging panel discussions, and breakout sessions.

  • Personalize your learning experience by picking the most relevant roundtable conversations on cloud security, vulnerability management, ransomware attack defense, and other topics.
  • Exclusive cyber security insights from Robert M Lee, CEO and Founder of Dragos, US Security Executive of the Year for 2022. – Read more about the latest and most dangerous cyber dangers and risks.
  • How should a data breach be handled and recovered? The Australian National University’s Chief Information Security Officer discusses the lessons gained from one of Australia’s largest data breaches.

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