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AppSec Village (Part of DEF CON) Events in 2022 - 2023

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AppSec Village @ DEF CON 2022
United States | Nevada, Las Vegas
August 11, 2022

AppSec Village @ DEF CON 2023
United States | Nevada, Las Vegas
August 11, 2023

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This is part of DEF CON, one of the most notable events in the Hacker Events calendar.

Come learn about all there is to know about application security.

Learn from the best of the best on how to exploit software vulnerabilities and protect software, whether you’re on the red, blue, or purple side. Software is omnipresent, and Application Security flaws lurk in every corner, making the software attack surface appealing to exploitation. If you’re new to AppSec or enjoy performing deserialization attacks for fun and profit, the AppSec Village will pique your interest.

The world is run by software. Everything from the Internet of Things to medical gadgets, the electrical system, smart automobiles, and voting applications is powered by software. The lineup of guest speakers, who come from many walks of life and cover a wide range of issues, will reflect this diversity. All tourists are invited to attend seminars by professional community members, an all-AppSec CTF, events that test your wits and skillz, and more at AppSec Village. Bring your appetite for knowledge and desire to break things, and you’ll have a blast at AppSec Village!

About AppSec Village

AppSec Village is a fantastic event that has become a tradition at the DEF CON conference. It brings together some of the most brilliant minds in application security and lets them share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. This event provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from industry experts while also networking with other individuals who are concerned about application security.

One of the best aspects of AppSec Village is its emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. Attendees can learn about the newest tools and approaches for securing applications by participating in seminars taught by expert practitioners. They can also attend seminars and panels on a variety of topics, such as threat modeling and penetration testing, as well as secure coding techniques like DevSecOps.

Another important characteristic of AppSec Village is its diversity. The organizers work hard to create a welcoming environment for people of various backgrounds and skill levels. This event has something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned security professional or a beginner in the field. The village promotes variety and inclusion, which is represented by both the speakers and the participants.

Attendees gain from the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals in addition to the educational possibilities provided by AppSec Village. Many event attendees discover that the contacts they make at the event lead to meaningful professional collaborations and friendships.

Overall, AppSec Village is a fantastic event for everyone who is interested in application security. It provides access to high-quality resources, and opportunities for hands-on learning, and develops a sense of community among security professionals. If you want to increase your understanding of application security and network with others in the area, this is a must-attend event.

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