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ALLOWLIST Cyber Security Conference
United Kingdom | Leeds
October 20, 2022
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ALLOWLIST is an organization based in the county of Yorkshire in England.

They recognized a need in the industry for a pre-screened list of trusted suppliers for cyber security and data protection and set out to fill that need. They discovered that there was no one-stop shop, no one gateway, and no single location that individuals could go to in order to get reliable solutions to the issues that they were experiencing.

ALLOWLIST Cyber Security Conference 2022

Developed specifically for business leaders with the goals of educating as well as entertaining them, this cyber event will feature keynote talks given by influential figures from the cyber security industry, inspirational speakers, food, a bar, opportunities to network, and entertainment from Radio 4 comedian Alfie Moore.

After attending the event, you will not only feel more cyber-secure, but you will also be prepared to take your company to the next level. The organizers promise that in addition to gaining new knowledge, you will have a wonderful time while doing so!

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