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Threat Intelligence & Identity Access Management (TI&AM) 2022
United Arab Emirates | Dubai
June 14, 2022

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Cybercrime may damage a company’s financial stability and expose its intellectual property to serious security risks. Threat Intelligence is used by cybersecurity teams to reduce the risk of cyberattacks by examining threat data and the different approaches employed by bad actors.

This allows businesses to predict the likelihood of an attack and prepare for the attack vectors that are most likely to occur. It assists in the prevention of cyberattacks by analyzing data about attackers, their motivations, and their capabilities.

On the other side, the identity and access management (IAM) system defines and manages user identities and access rights. IT administrators may use IAM technologies to guarantee that users are who they say they are (authentication) and that they have access to the apps and resources that they are authorized to use (authorization). IAM has expanded to support cyber security more, in addition to having a touch of intelligence in it.

The ultimate goal of this two-day conference on Threat Intelligence and Identity Access Management 2022 is to reduce the possible financial and reputational damage caused by cybersecurity events.

This short, engaging, and in-depth conference covers all of the important and most recent industry trends needed to build a strong cyber security system. The first day includes 20 tracks, panel discussions, fireside talks while the second day includes two post-conference workshops.

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