DCX Conferences | FAQ

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What is your average webinar attendance?

  • You should expect 10+ qualified registrations
  • If you’re unhappy with the number of registrations, you can cancel at any time

How many people register vs. how many people attend?

  • About 50% attend

Can you please send me a draft agreement?

  • Yes

What is the format for presenting?

  • Live online webinar or demo presentation. Pre-qualified audience.
  • Suggested time 20-40 minutes

What platform do you use?

  • We use Google Meet. Or you can use your Teams of Zoom accounts

Do you have a moderator?

  • We manage the Google Meet session. But there is no moderator.

Do you allow Q&A as part of the presentation?

  • Yes

Is there any screening or vetting of the questions before they are asked during a presentation?

  • No. But you decide which ones you would like to answer.

What is your audience profile?

  • Please view Media Kit

What is your Cost per Lead?

  • We work on a performance basis.
  • Cost per Lead depends on how specific your persona profile is.

Where will the event be promoted?

  • Run-of-Site Static Banners: https://mikabear.com/ (30K Unique Visits per month
  • 57K active email subscribers
  • LinkedIn

Have you done this before?

  • Yes. One of our event series has raked up over 622,893 views on YouTube!